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Update Re: Covid-19

Dear Parents and Guardians,


We thank you for your ongoing support through these uncertain, unprecedented times. Our priority, as always, is to keep the children as safe and happy as they possibly can be when in our care.


In order to help us do this, we must implore that all parents follow rigidly the government and Public Health Agency guidelines and advice, specific to newly developed, persistent coughs or a fever within the household. If anyone within your home develops these symptoms, the whole family must now isolate themselves for 14 days. We would urge you to contact the NHS helpline on Tel 111 if these symptoms present themselves within your home, and your child must not attend school with immediate effect.


The last thing we want is for any child to miss school, not even for a day, but we are in the midst of very difficult and ever-changing times, as the country tries to tackle the spread of this virus.


We, as a school, continue to follow the instructions given to us by the Department of Education, and will remain open to children who can be here, until we are instructed to do otherwise.


The children continue to wash their hands regularly throughout the day, as well as before they eat any food. Our cleaning staff are working tirelessly to disinfect surfaces, handles and rails within the building, and conducted a deep-clean of the school at the weekend, which was hugely appreciated by the whole school family.


The teachers are working on providing information, including specific usernames and passwords for each child, to be available in the event of school closure. Please bear with us at this time, as we compile this information, whilst keeping school open for the children who can be here.


We send you all our very best at this time, and will keep you informed immediately of any changes that impact upon our school.


Along with your support, we continue to care for each other and work together, for the health and safety of every child, staff member and family member connected to our school.


Thank you and best wishes.