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Whole School Restart, 22nd March 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,


We are delighted to be welcoming back ALL of our pupils on Monday 22nd March 2021.


We are immensely proud of our nursery children and P1-3 Pupils who have settled back into school so well since their return on the 8th March. 


We are so proud of our P4-7 pupils, and parents, for continuing with your extended period of home-learning during this time. 


Doors will open to all pupils from 0840 until 0900 each morning. Entry will be through the same doors that pupils used before the Christmas Holiday. The main front door will no longer be used for arrival into school. 


At this stage, EA guidelines do not allow us to open Breakfast Club, or 2 o'clock club, however we will inform you as soon as these guidelines change.


School dinners will be available to our pupils as normal, and should be booked as before, via the app. 


We will continue to stagger finish times to allow for a swift exit from the playground after meeting your child. 


Staggered finish times, as before, will be as follows: 


               Mon        Tues        Wed         Thurs       Fri


P1          1345        1345       1345        1345        1345


P2          1345       1345       1345        1345         1345


P3          1350       1450       1350        1450         1350


P4          1450       1450       1350        1450        1350


P5          1455       1455       1355       1455         1355


P6          1500       1500       1400       1500         1400


P7          1500       1500       1400       1500        1400


We would ask all parents to respect the safety of all pupils, parents and staff by adhering to social distancing when on school premises, leaving the school grounds as soon as you have collected your children. 


Cars must not be driven onto school grounds unless previously agreed with the Principal. 


We would ask that dogs are not brought in to school grounds also. 


Thank you for helping us to keep everybody safe. 


School will close at 1200 on Friday 26th March for the Easter Holiday, and will reopen on Monday 12th April for the summer term. 


To reduce congestion on this last day of term, we will slightly stagger our finish times as follows:


P1 and P2 children at 1150

P3 and P4 children at 1155

P5, P6 and P7 children at 1200


We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for all of the efforts you have made to support your children in their home-learning during this term. 


We hope that we can all now look forward to completing a full summer term in school.


Kind Regards,


Mr. J. Armstrong