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Hi everyone!


There are 24 happy children in our class, come and see what we have been up to.

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W/c 13th Sept - another very busy week in play based learning. We are continuing to learn about people who help us and this week we have been painting pictures of people who help us, completing puzzles of people who help us, making a person from the popoids, making green and yellow pictures and also strengthening our hands by using scissors to cut dough. The house corner was a baby clinic this week too.

In Numberwork we were learning about number 2 and so we were finding 2 of each animal for Noah’s ark as one of our activities. We are also learning about triangles and sorting.

We had a lot of fun outside this week too…apart from the wasp sting. Our outdoor house is a builders yard and there was a lot of great play there.

W/C 6th Sept. During Play Bases Learning we were very busy making pictures of emergency vehicles using 2D shapes, playing the snail pace race, making purple and blue pictures, developing our fine motor skills by printing inside our names using cotton buds and we made 2D shapes with the dough. The house corner was a school this week and the tough spot had a builders yard on it. Phew…what a busy play time!

We have been making marks and practising listening carefully in literacy this week. We made marks on our listening ear headband and today we went for a walk wearing them to see what we could hear. We also used tapping sticks outside to hear the different sounds they made on different surfaces. We checked out the apple trees while we were out too!

In number work this week we have been learning about the shapes circle, square, cube and sphere. We have been learning about the number 1 and we have been learning how to make a set.


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