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Tuesday 1st February

Good Morning boys and girls.

Here are some activities for you to do at home today. 

These are exactly the same as the activities we do in school so you will be very famiiar with them.




Bowing Pin Subtraction!


You will need...

- 10 water bottles / plastic cups/ anything that can act as bowling pins 

- a soft ball 

- a number line (see below)


How to play...

- Use your water bottles or plastic cups as bowling pins and set them up in a triangle

- Each player gets two turns at bowling the ball and trying to knock down the 'pins' 

- When possible, encourage children to say how many are bottles there are left without counting 

- You can ask "How many pins were there to start with?","How many did you know down?", "How many are left?" 

- See if you can turn it into a subtraction number sentence: e.g. there were 10 pins and you knocked down 2, so there are 8 left. This must mean 10-2=8

- You can use the number line to help work out these subtraction problems. Practice counting backwards when you have knocked down pins to see how many you are left with! 

- You could also use your fingers to help count backwards. 


Number language to practice using...

See if you can include words such as...

take away            subtract          minus            how many?        left          leaves        is     

               gives                  equals          count                     back 







Chinese New Year


Find out some facts about Chinese New Year 2022.


Why is it called Chinese New Year?

What do they eat at Chinese New Year?

Which animal is connected to Chinese New Year 2022?


Are there any other interesting facts you can find out?


Don't forget to keep going over your number bonds to 10, your High Frequency Words (HFW) and the phonic blends - your  teacher will be very impressed !👩‍🏫👍🏻

The videos below will help with fun songs and raps to help you remember them!📹

I Know My Number Bonds 10 | Number Bonds to 10 | Addition Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

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If you have lots of Lego at home and plenty of time here are 30 challenges that you could have a go at! 👷🏻‍♀️👷‍♂️

Have a go at some yoga to help your child relax!🧘🏼‍♀️