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P4 Mrs Graham

Welcome to P4 G!


There are 34 children in our class.

Our teacher is Mrs Graham.

We have an assistant called Miss Patterson.


We will be doing lots of interesting things this year!



We have been learning about Birds in our ABL lessons (Activity Based Learning). We used different tools as bird beaks. We designed bird houses using Polydron. We were able to name different birds with help from our friends. We made our own birds.

Mellow Yellow Day!

We were learning how to be Bucket Fillers in P4! Did you know that we all have an invisible bucket? We can fill our own buckets and other people's buckets with kind words and actions. Remember, be a bucket filler.... not a bucket dipper!smileysmileysmiley


We also had a great time with Gathering Drums! We loved beating out a tune and playing along!smileysmileysmiley

We are learning about The Arctic!