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P5 Home Learning


Happy New Year P5! Welcome to 2021 and our new Home Learning Page. We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all very soon.


This week we will put up a little video each day explaining your home learning tasks for that day.

There will be 3 main tasks:

- English

- Maths (there will be an OPTIONAL daily Maths Challenge)

- Another subject (Geography, History, Art, PE, ICT etc)


This week is very different for teachers, parents and pupils so please do not stress or worry; simply try your very best and please do not hesitate to e-mail us during the school day if you have questions or need any help. :)

Let's Play a Game!

Prodigy is a Maths game that gives your child P5 Maths questions for the first while of play. Let them play and try to answer the questions independently. Prodigy will then take their answers and start giving them questions suited to their level, so it adjusts difficulty accordingly after about 30minutes - 1hr of play.

This is a fantastic tool as the teachers can see who is working at what level; we can also see what questions students are struggling on and offer some help. 

This week we encourage children to play as much as possible once school work is completed. They will design their own witch or wizard and travel through the land battling others by answering Math questions. 

Next week if your child has completed the initial placement test, they will be able to access quizzes set by us directly linked to their Home Learning Topics. 


Signing up is SO simple as we have already created the accounts for every child in P5.

Just follow the simple steps below. 

Click the LINK ABOVE, then select PLAY THE GAME, followed by LOGIN. Look for your child's login details in the pictures

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  • If you still can't log in, try downloading Google Chrome as a browser.
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