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P6 Mr Coetzee

Welcome to P6C- the best class at Brookies!

We have 23 lovely children and 2 very helpful, hardworking teachers in our class and you can find us in room 16!



Have you seen the Kids' Zone?

Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

We played the place value ‘Nasty Game’ today

Great creative work by Riley based on our comprehension work

Brilliant work at home by Riley and Kadir

Olivia's amazing drawing of an iguana

Great comprehension skills Max

Zara'a fantastic poem

Riley did some research on Vikings

Kadir's fantastic home learning work

Jack's entry for the poetry competition

Max's poem for the competition

Ashley's poem for the competition

Vinnie's entry for the poetry competition

Kadir's poem for the competition

Olivia's Kennings Poem

Poppy, Kadir, Ashley, Maizie and Riley have submitted entries for the Feel Good photo competition

Fantastic home learning and work from Kadir.

Jude is producing brilliant work at home!

More brilliant problem solving work from Poppy- well done.

Vinnie has been working hard at home- great work!

Kadir and his lovely dog Bella.

Watch Ashley's lovely video about her super hero and why she chose this as her hero.

Still image for this video

Jack has been doing some brilliant, interesting research during lockdown.

A fantastic Limerick written by Riley

Kadir's brilliant Limerick







There once was a young girl called Sue

Who found an escaped kangaroo

With a blue floppy hat

And a small spotty cat

She ran off and hid in the loo


Kadir Otles P6C


Maizie's hero

Still image for this video
Watch the amazing video of Maizie's hero. It is fantastic and special. Thank you and well done Maizie.

Christmas fun today! Merry Christmas P6C and families. Have a wonderful, safe Festive Season. See you in 2021!

Our end of term Quiz 2020 winners- well done!!

A great performance of the play 'Robbie Ravenbeak'

Times Tables Bingo winners!

We had great fun playing 'Pass the Sprout' Party Game!

In pairs we had to work out which fractions were 'imposters'!!

We played 'Factor Fours' in pairs to revise factors and multiples.

Times tables Bingo winners

Well done to these 2 reading groups who performed a play written by Teja on Bullying as part of Anti- Bullying week which was last week.


Fun Links

Fitness fun with Mr. Henry junior!

Well done to the 'Robins' reading group who performed the play: 'Step Inside a Story' today- it was fantastic!

Times table Bingo winner!

We are using geo-strips to look at properties of different quadrilaterals.

We were entertained by the Magpie reading group who acted out the play 'The Smell of the Cakes'- it was brilliant!

Times table Bingo winner!

We designed 'Factor Bugs' to help us calculate the factors of numbers up to 100.

We used geo-strips to investigate different types of angles.

We made Viking Longships.

We identified prime numbers in a 100 square.

Today's Times Tables Bingo winners- well done boys!

We played times tables games today including sorting the tables in order and matching pairs.

Showing our yellow on ,Mellow Yellow Thursday, and our 'Be Kind' art.

‘The Hairy Toe’ by P6C

Still image for this video

We worked with a partner using the RUCSAC strategy to solve a word problem by selecting the important information.

Today's times tables Bingo champion! Well done!

We played 'Place Value Chase' to help with our place value work!

Today's multiplication Bingo winners!

The winners of place value 'WipeOut'- well done girls!

We have so much to be grateful for in P6C.

We used co-ordinates to plot and draw hot-air balloons.

Today's times table Bingo champions- well done boys!

Our noun game champion- well done Jodie!

Times tables Bingo winner!

We used the strategy of partitioning to solve mental maths adding sums

Our first Times Table Bingo winner- well done Mason!