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WAU 11th January

Good morning P3 Superstars!


Welcome to a new topic - Penguins and the Antarctic ! We hope you enjoy learning about Penguins and their habitats. This week we are focusing on Emperor Penguins. Your Literacy activities will link in very closely with this topic.


To introduce our new topic we have shared a lovely BBC Earth Kids Wild Bites programme with you, so enjoy watching these beautiful birds in action !

Wild Bites BBC Earth Kids

All about penguins.

Now for today's activity - 

We are learning about penguins.


First read the Penguin PowerPoint below.


Next you are going to read some facts about penguins and decide if they are True or False. The video and the PowerPoint will help you decide.


Choose your level from the list below.


If the fact is True write it in blue and if it is False write it in red.


Have fun with this task P3 - you can do it !!


HC- Higher level challenge

MC- Middle level challenge

LC-  Lower level challenge