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week 2

Week1:Week beg 30/03/20



World Around Us



Log on to your Bug Club account

Choose a book to read

is your book fact or fiction ?


Capital letters and full stops revision – open the Spring_capital letters_full stops resource and read the sentences. Can you spot all the mistakes we have made P3? Copy the sentences down correctly.

Maths Challenge – Number


Dart Board Challenge – Look at the Dart Board Challenge resource. Can you calculate the highest and lowest totals ?


How many different totals could you get with three    darts ?


Don’t forget RUCSAC – and making a list might be a good strategy P3 !

Our Topic – Spring


Read the Spring Powerpoint

-discuss the signs of spring you have already noticed.

What is your favourite season and why ?


Miss McWilliams loves the sunny, dry days of Spring and seeing the flowers grow. Mrs Connery loves Autumn because of the beautiful autumn colours.




Log on to your Bug Club account.

Choose a book to read – don’t forget to click on the bugs and answer their questions !


Writing – P3 we have been discussing dragons – Zog/How to train your Dragon

What would you do if you had a pet dragon …?

Money – making amounts/giving change


Log on to

Go to the Toy Shop Money Game


Lions & Elephants  – mixed coins/ exact money up to £1

Giraffes – mixed coins/exact money up to 20p


Challenge activity –  mixed coins Give change up to 20p


Log on to

Use your user name and password.


Find the Newsdesk – we hope you have remembered to go to Junior Newsdesk!


Search for Signs of Spring


Think- about baby animals, flowers and trees.



Log on to your Bug Club account. Choose a book to read.

If you have chosen a fiction book talk about the characters and plot.

If you have chosen a fact book discuss your favourite fact.


Opposites revision –

Open the resource Reveal the Picture Powerpoint. Read the words and say the opposite. Click on the square to see if you are correct, click again to reveal the picture.




Problem solving - Number

Resources needed – The Animal Puzzle


P3, in school we have Thinking Partners, today the grown-up helping you can be your Thinking Partner – don’t forget to explain your thinking to them !


Look at the resource The Animal Puzzle. Can you solve the puzzle ?

Challenge Activity – look at the resource Animal Value. Can you calculate which number each animal represents ?


Now that you have read lots of information about Spring write 6 sentences about spring and seasonal change.


Draw a lovely spring picture to go with your writing.


Don’t forget capital letters, full stops and of course neat writing !




Log on to your Bug Club account.

Choose a book to read.

Think about expression in your reading.

Writing – Spring Acrostic

Can you write an acrostic poem describing Spring ?

Remember P3 – we have written acrostic poems before for Winter/Christmas and your ideas were wonderful !

Oral counting – can you count forwards and backwards to/from 50 in 10s ?

Challenge – can you count forwards and backwards to/from 50 in 5s ?

Spring –  Rainbow STEM challenge


P3 have you made a rainbow yet ?


Read Make a Rainbow Powerpoint and try the activity.


Now create your own rainbow picture and display it in your window. These rainbows will make people smile !



Log on to your Bug Club account. Choose a book.


Recount writing – can you recount the Easter story ?


P3 remember structure in your writing – retell the Easter story in order.

Log on to your



Shape – search for Bar-B-Shape activity on 2D shape.


Time – search for Stig and the Bus.  Can you help Sig catch his bus ?

Spring – Easter


Easter is a special spring celebration.


Read the Easter Story Powerpoint – how do you celebrate Easter in your family?