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week 3

Week 3

Week beg 20/04/20



World Around Us



Log on to your Bug Club account

Choose a book to read – don’t forget to click on the bugs and answer their questions!


Writing – Look at the My Cat resource. Imagine, your cat is no ordinary cat. Can you write 6/8 sentences explaining why your cat is so amazing?


Don’t forget capital letters and full stops P3 and of course you know Miss McWilliams and Mrs Connery love neat writing!

The Elves and the Shoemaker Maths 1 Mr Cobbler’s Problem

Have you read the fairy tale about the elves who made shoes? You can listen to the story by opening the resource – BBC Listen and Play Elves


Now you are familiar with the story we have some lovely maths challenges based on it for you this week.


Look at the resource Mr Cobbler’s Problem – can you calculate how many shoe boxes he needs? Can you calculate how many pairs of shoes are needed?


P3 remember RUCSAC and drawing a picture would be helpful to solve this problem! Can you think of another strategy to help you? Well done if you said counting in twos !

Our Topic – Food

P3 we have a new topic; we will be learning all about food in the next few weeks – delicious!


This week we will be thinking about where our food comes from and food groups.


When you walk around ASDA or Tesco have you ever wondered where the food comes from?


Open the Power Point resource -  Where does food come from?

and read the information.


Now can you write an answer to these questions?

1.Where does milk come from?

2.Where do eggs come from?

3.Where does bread come from?



Log on to your Bug Club account.

Focus on reading today with expression.


Compound words revision

P3 can you remember what a compound word is?

Miss McWilliams likes the word butterfly. Mrs Connery of course likes the word lipstick!

Go to BBC Bitesize      Primary      NI     

KS1     English       Grammar& Spelling

     Spelling      Compound words

Revise compound words and play the game.


Can you write a list of compound words? How many can you write?

Write them out like this -


When you are finished draw some pictures to illustrate your words.

The Elves and the Shoemaker Maths 2 Hard working Elves



Look at the resource Hard Working Elves – can you calculate how many pairs of shoes the elves could make?



This is a tricky one P3 – ask your adult to be your Thinking Partner. Use a hundred square and counting on as a strategy to help you !

Food – Food Groups 1


P3 today we are learning about the different food groups and how they help our bodies.


Go to the resources – Food Groups PowerPoint and All About Food Groups Powerpoint. Read all about the different food groups.


Now go to the Food Groups - Activity Page. Can you answer the questions ?



Log on to your Bug Club account. Choose a book to read.

Focus on the interesting/tricky words in your book – discuss the meanings of these words with your grown-up.


Writing – our new topic is food. Can you write a shopping list of your favourite foods? Try to include what you would need to buy for your favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t forget to write some treats on the list !

The Elves and the Shoemaker Maths 3 Mr Cobbler’s Shoe Shop


A lovely money task for you today P3! Can you find 7 ways to make £1? Use the resource Mr Cobbler’s Shoe Shop


Mrs Cobbler wanted to say thank you to the Elves for their help so she made them new clothes. Can you design an outfit for an elf? We would love to see a picture of your designs !

Food - Food Groups 2



P3 today you are going to go on a food hunt around your kitchen – you will need a grown up to help you! Choose 20 different foods from your cupboards and fridge. Now can you sort these foods into the correct food groups? After you have sorted record your findings in a list – the Food Group Hunt resource will help you.


Now remember to tidy up all the food at the end! Miss McWilliams and Mrs Connery know P3 are brilliant at tidying up!





Log on to your Bug Club account.

Choose a book to read.

How many words in your book can you find with t in them?


Alphabetical order

Yesterday you wrote a shopping list. Look at the Shopping List resource. Can you write out the items of food in alphabetical order?


Number – Tens and Units


Log on to

and search for the Place Value Basketball game.


Choose your own level of challenge P3!

Purple – I can do this!

Blue – This is making me think!

Green – This is tricky!

Yellow – This is very tricky !

Food Groups 3


P3 this week we have been learning about the food groups our bodies need to stay healthy.


Now design a poster illustrating the different foods from each group – use the PowerPoints and the information from your Food Hunt to help.


Next week we will be learning more about healthy and unhealthy foods.



Log on to your Bug Club account. Choose a book.

Which book has been your favourite this week and why?


Writing – everybody has a favourite food. Write about your favourite food.

Think about what it is? Why you like it? Where you buy it? Describe it’s taste, smell and colour.


Miss McWilliams and Mrs Connery would love to read these – send us a picture of your writing.

Number – adding three numbers revision.


Look at the resource adding three numbers. Using a 100 square and counting on would be a good strategy P3!


Food Fruit and vegetables

We eat lots of fruit and vegetable in Northern Ireland. Some fruits such as apples and pears grow here, as do vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Many other fruits like oranges grow in hot countries. Look at the Power Point resource How fruit and veg grow.


Now use your C2k log in details to log on to the C2k Junior News desk.

Search for

Fantastic Fruit and Unusual fruit and vegetables.


Can you name any of the unusual fruit and vegetable ?