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week 5

Week 5

Week beg 04/05/20



World Around Us


4th May


Log on to your Bug Club account

Choose a book to read – don’t forget to click on the bugs and answer their questions!


Writing - A bad day for Bumblebee  

You will need the resource bumblebee writing


A lot of people enjoy eating honey, on toast, on cereal or using it when cooking. Honey comes from bees, but what happens to our honey if the bee has a bad day ?


Look at the resource A Bad Day for Bumblebee. Can you write about what happened to him?

Think about – structure in your writing, what went wrong, who helped Bumblebee and how the problem got solved. You really need to use your imagination today P3!

Number – counting in 5s and 10s


You will need the resource counting in 5s and 10s.

Choose your group lions, elephants or giraffes.


P3 can you calculate the missing numbers ? Think about the number patterns !


Go to and search for Paint the Squares. Use the 100 square to help you calculate the missing numbers.


Hint-if you paint the number patterns onto the 100 square it will help you answer the questions!


Food –  How bread is made/types of bread.


You will need the resource journey of bread powerpoint


Go to the C2k Junior Newsdesk and search for Brilliant Bread.


How many different types of bread can you name ? How many have you tasted ? Which type of bread is your favourite ?


Write a list of as many different types of bread as you can think of. Write which one is your favourite and which one you would love to taste. Explain why. The resource bread activity will help you.


5th May


Log on to your Bug Club account.  Choose a book to read.


Joining two sentences revision

You will need joining sentences resource.


P3 do you remember we were learning how to join two sentences ? We used the word and to join two short sentences together.


Look at today’s activity – joining sentences. Can you join the two sentences together? Be careful with full stops and capital letters!


P3 remember which group you are in – red, green or blue !

Number – Balance Sums


A number challenge today P3, can you put the correct number in the boxes ?


You will need

lions and elephants groups balance sums resource

or giraffes box sums resource



Go to and search for Hit the Button. Choose halves.


Now choose your level P3 !


I can do this – Halves to 10

Tricky – Halves from 5-15

Challenge – Halves 10-20

Food –  Bread now and then

Go to the C2k Junior Newsdesk and search for Making potato bread.


Potato bread is very popular in Northern Ireland. Can you spot the differences between making potato bread in the past and making it today ?


Write down the differences you spotted.. The resource potato bread activity will help you.  If you could create your own type of bread what would it be ?  How about cranberry wheaten bread or chocolate chip banana loaf ? We can’t wait to read your ideas !


6th May


Log on to your Bug Club account. Choose a book to read.


Comprehension – developing comprehension skills.


You will need the resource ve day powerpoint and ve day comprehension resources



World War II ended 75 years ago on the 8th May 1945. People celebrate the end of the war every year on this date and it is known as VE Day.


Read the facts about VE Day and answer the questions.

Money – Making amounts


Let’s go shopping !


You will need the resource brookies bakery lions & elephants groups or giraffes group


Can you calculate how much it would cost to buy those delicious croissants and rolls ?

Look out for the tricky challenge !


Go to and search for the Coins Game. Choose your level P3 !


I can do this – 1p to 10p

Tricky – 4 coins to 20

Challenge – any 5 coins



Food –  Rationing during Wartime


We are very fortunate to have a wide variety of food to eat. During World War II families would not have been so lucky as food was rationed. This meant people could only buy small amounts of certain foods each week. Imagine P3 – no sweets, cakes, chocolate or even bananas!


As we think about food and VE Day 75 go to the C2K Junior Newsdesk and search for Rationing during wartime.

Write a couple of sentences explaining which foods you and your family would have missed most due to rationing. Explain why.


7th May


Log on to your Bug Club account.

Choose a book to read.

Focus on reading with expression today.


Writing – recount a familiar story.

Thinking about bread reminded Miss McWilliams and Mrs Connery about a story from the Bible, about a little boy and his lunch.


You will need the resource feeding 5000 powerpoint

You probably already know the story of the Feeding of the 5000 from the Bible, open the PowerPoint to remind you of this story.


Now can you retell the story ?

Think about sequence, capital letters, full stops and of course neat writing !

How would you have felt if that had been your packed lunch ?

Look at the resource bible verse_colouring page. If you have access to a printer you may wish to print and colour this, if not design your own poster to illustrate the Bible verse.

Problem solving  – Finding all Possibilities Stamps


You will need the resource stamps.


You have ten postcards to post.

Each letter needs 10p worth of stamps.

Make 10p in different ways.


How will you solve the problem P3?

What strategy will you use ?


Now can you try the 12p challenge ?




Food – Bread/ Sandwiches

You will need the resource super sandwich shop.


The Super Sandwich Shop needs a new healthy menu. Can you create some super sandwiches using a range of breads and fillings? We thought of chicken, cucumber and avocado wrap and wholemeal pitta bread filled with houmous and salad leaves.


You may wish to make yourself a funny sandwich and send us a photo! You will find some ideas in the resource funny sandwiches.


8th May

BANK HOLIDAY VE DAY 75 – have a fun day with the family. Create some celebration bunting. Enjoy a tea party and maybe make some of those lovely sandwiches you planned! You may wish to design a VE Day 75 teacup or create a beautiful rainbow bumble bee(see resources). Send us some photos of your VE DAY celebrations, we’d love to see them !