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World Around Us 18th January

Welcome to marvellous Monday P3!



Good morning P3 and welcome to another week of learning about the wonderful World Around Us !


We are going to be learning more about the amazing continent of Anarctica and the animals that live there.  


First this morning, watch this wonderful video from National Geographic which shows us how beautiful Antarctica is

Take a 4-Minute Escape to the Blissful Serenity of Antarctica.

Be transported to the seventh continent in this mesmerizing short from Aliscia Young and Richard Sidey.

Next read the Powerpoint to find out more about Antarctica.

Below is the link to BBC Bitesize Antarctica if you want to find out more !




Today's challenge is to write some fun facts about Antarctica. Think about everything you have watched and read this morning and use all that information to help you. 


Don't forget P3 - a sentence has a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end.


All you need to complete this task is a pencil and a page.

You can do this P3 Superstars !! 

We can't wait to read your facts!