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World Around Us 22nd February

Happy Monday P3!



We have a new topic -



Houses and Homes


Over the next few weeks we will be learning-


About the different types of houses            and homes people live in.



  Unusual and famous houses.


  Houses around the world.


  How houses are built.


  Houses in the past.


  Animal homes.


First this morning we would like you to watch this video of Belfast. Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland and very different to Antarctica !


Watch closely for the various types of houses you will see in the video, some in the city, some by the lough, apartments, terraced houses and many more.


You might also spot some other buildings and places you recognise!

Best of Belfast and northern Ireland August 2020 Drone 4K

Best of Belfast and northern Ireland August 2020 Drone 4K

Today we are going to be learning about the different types of houses you are likely to see in your area.


Read the Power Point below to learn more about different types of houses.

Next your task today is to match the photos to the correct description of the house. 


HC = Higher Level Challenge

MC = Middle Level Challenge

LC = Lower Level Challenge


All you need to complete your task is a page and a pencil.

Have fun P3, you can do it !