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World Around Us 24th February

 Good morning P3 and welcome to another wonderful Wednesday ! 




We are learning about houses and homes.


On Monday we learnt about the different types of houses that we are likely to see in Northern Ireland.



We all live in different styles of houses and we like to decorate and furnish them to make them our home. 


Miss McWilliams lives in an old house - it's 96 years old!


Mrs Connery lives in a house near the sea.


Miss Reid has just moved house and we know she is doing lots of building work!


Today we would like you to think about your house.



 What type of house do you live in?


 How many rooms does it have? 


What is your favourite thing about            your house?


All you need to complete today's activity is a pencil and a page. Have fun P3!


HC=Higher Level Challenge

MC=Middle Level Challenge

LC=Lower Level Challenge