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World Around Us 25th February

Good morning and welcome to

Thursday P3!




We are learning about Houses and Homes.



Some houses are famous because of who lives in them -


Buckingham Palace - the Queen and the Royal Family live here.



Number 10 Downing Street - the Prime Minister lives here.



The White House - the President of the United States lives here.


Watch the video below for a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace, if you click on each room and move the mouse around you will get a 360 degree tour.


Imagine living in a house like this!!

360° Video: Buckingham Palace Tour - BBC London

Take a tour inside the state rooms at Buckingham Palace.

Today we would like you to become House Detectives ! Have a look at the picture page (scroll down to the end), can you guess who lives in each famous fictional house ? 


Here are some clues to help you -


1. A very yellow family!


2. Porridge is a very popular breakfast in this house.


3. You will find this house under the sea.


4. This young lady might need a new hairbrush!


5. The owner of this house has many Minions to help him with the housework.


6. These sisters need to keep their castle warm!!


7. Many balloons help this owner travel to his dream destination.


All you need to complete today's activity is a pencil and a page. 


Have fun P3, we know you will be super detectives !!  


HC=Higher Level Challenge

MC=Middle Level Challenge

LC=Lower Level Challenge