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World Around Us 25th January

 Good morning P3 and welcome to Monday!  


Hello P3 Superstars and welcome to another week of Home Learning fun.  


We are going to begin this morning by watching another fantastic video from Antarctica.


Today's clip was filmed as a British Royal Research Ship - the RSS James Cook navigates through a very tricky stretch of water. Enjoy!






Speeding into the Drake's Passage

RRS James Clark Ross passes through the iconic Lemaire Channel in the Antarctic Peninsula on its way north away from Antarctica and into the Drake's Passage, the world's stormiest and roughest part of the ocean.

We have been very impressed by your work on Emperor Penguins so this week we thought we would introduce you to a new breed of penguin, the Macaroni Penguin.


Have a look at the photos below. Can you spot any differences between an Emperor Penguin and a Macaroni Penguin ?





Did you notice those very distinctive feathers on the Macaroni Penguin ? Read or listen to the Power Point below to learn more about Macaroni Penguins.

Your task today is to write a couple of facts about Macaroni Penguins.

All you need to complete this task is a pencil and paper.

Choose your level and try your very best!