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World Around Us 26th January

  Happy Tuesday P3!  



Hello P3 Explorers !! Today we are going to be learning about a famous Antarctic explorer called Ernest Shackleton. 


Ernest Shackleton was born in 1874 and he had a big dream - he wanted to be the first person to travel to the South Pole in Antarctica.


Read the PowerPoint below to learn more about this brave explorer.

Today life is very different for polar explorers. Watch the video clip below to see how a group of scientists work like a team to build a tent for shelter.

Speed tent building

Setting up a weatherhaven tent at a remote location on the West Antarctica Ice Sheet. This large tent is the central 'mess' tent for the camp, where scientists and support staff gather to eat, relax and warm up!

Today we would like you to use your imagination and imagine that you are Ernest Shackleton. 


Ernest Shackleton kept a diary of his adventures and today we would like you to write in a diary.


Choose your level below, this is quite a tricky challenge P3 so think carefully about your level!


HC High Level Challenge

MC Middle Level Challenge

LC Lower Level Challenge


All you need is a pencil and some paper, good luck P3 explorers!