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World Around Us 4th February

  Good morning P3 and welcome to Thursday!  

Hello P3 Superstars, how are you all today? 


Today we are going to be learning more about Leopard Seals.


First watch the video below of the Leopard Seal swimming in the Southern Ocean.

Scuba Diving in Antarctica with Leopard Seals

Watch the leopard seal swim.

Next read or listen to the Power Point below to learn more about Leopard Seals.

Now today we would like you to use your imagination . . .


Imagine you have a the South Pole!!

Your cafe is for Leopard Seals, what will you serve on the menu?


We would like you to create a menu.

Click on the page below to give you some ideas.


All you need to complete this task is a pencil, a page and your imagination !