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World Around Us 8th February

Welcome to Monday P3!


Good morning P3 Superstars, did you all have a good weekend ? 


This is the final week of our Antarctica Topic.            


Now we know you might be disappointed to read this because we know you loved learning about Antarctica, but don't worry we will have a new fabulous topic for you after Half Term!  



First today watch this short video of some Adelie penguins having fun in the snow !

Adelie Penguins on the Antarctic Sea Ice.

Here come the Adelie Penguins!

Next think about everything you have learnt about Antarctic animals and use this knowledge to complete today's activity. 


We have put the Antarctic Animals Power Point back on for you, it may be helpful to read it again.

Oh dear, a big gust of wind from the South Pole has just blown Miss McWilliams' notes all over the school car park !! The information on Antarctic animals has got muddled up ! 


Can you help Miss McWilliams by reading the information and matching the correct descriptions to each animal?

 Choose your level carefully P3, this is quite a tricky task !


HC= Higher Level Challenge

MC=Middle Level Challenge

LC=Lower Level Challenge


Each level has two pages -

Page 1 is a list of animal names.

Page 2 describes each animal.


Can you match them up ?


All you need to complete this task is a pencil and a page to write your own list.


Good luck P3 Antarctic Explorers, we know you can do this !!  


Don't forget to send your teacher a photo of your completed task to help Miss McWilliams get her notes sorted!  



Parents/Carers, we have a couple of activities this week that may need junk art materials so you may wish to save some for Wednesday and Thursday, kitchen roll or toilet roll tubes and cereal boxes will be useful.

Many Thanks!