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World Around Us 9th February

 Welcome to Tuesday 9th February! 

Hello P3, how are you all on this Terrific Tuesday ? We hope you are all keeping well and are ready for a design challenge !


First we would like you to watch the video below of the RRS James Clark Ross. 


The RRS James Clark Ross is a Royal Research Ship.


It is named after the British explorer Sir James Ross who travelled to Antarctica in 1839.

RRS James Clark Ross in Antarctica

Watch as the ship breaks through the Antarctic ice!

Your task today is to design a ship of your own that could travel to Antarctica.


Tomorrow's task will be to build a model of your ship (using junk art materials, paper, card or construction toys that you may have at home such as Lego).

Some things to consider when designing your ship ...


1. What will your ship be called ?  (RRS Brooklands, RRS Polar Queen etc)


2. What will your ship be built from ? (steel, glass, plastic etc)


3. How long will it be ? (100 metres, 400 metres etc)


4. How heavy will it be ? (1000 tonnes)


5. What will power your ship ? (gas, coal, oil, diesel etc)


6. How fast a ship travels is measured in knots. How fast will your ship be able to travel ? (40 knots, 20 knots)


7. How many crew will be on your ship?


8. How many cabins will it have ?


9. Will it have a kitchen? Will it have bathrooms?


10. Will your ship carry any extra equipment? (small boats, helicopter etc)

Your task today is to draw and label a picture of your ship and to write a description of it.


HC = Higher Level Challenge

MC = Middle Level Challenge

LC = Lower Level Challenge


All you need to complete your task is a page and a pencil.


We can't wait to see photos of your design and to read the interesting name you come up with for your ship!


  Good Luck P3 Polar Explorers!!