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Pose Pose Pose like a Penguin or a Polar Bear.

Hi P3 are you ready for some relaxing yoga to relax your body and mind? Let’s start off with some ‘penguin’ themed yoga that fits in perfectly with our current WAU topic. 

Click on the link below to join in with Jamie!

After penguin yoga what about some polar bear poses?
Click on the link below and join Joybob the polar bear.


We hope you enjoy the session and feel calm, chilled and relaxed by the end. Why not ask mummy and daddy to join in too?

A great penguin rhyme to recite as you pose and waddle:

Penguins shuffle, shuffle to the left, left, left, 

Penguins shuffle, shuffle to the right, right, right, 

Do a little wriggle, do a little hop,

Shuffle round the iceberg – never want to stop! 


Lots of Love, P3 teachers smiley heart