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A conjunction is a joining word.  We use it to join two sentences together to make one long sentence.

e.g.  I went to the shop.  I bought a comic.

        I went to the shop and bought a comic.

And is a conjunction.

e.g.  Gran is old.  Leanne is young.

        Gran is old but Leanne is young.

But is a conjunction.


Join these pairs of sentences using and or but and write them down.


1.  The red door is shut.  The green door is open.

2.  The lorry was slow.  The racing car was fast.

3.  We went to the park.  We played football.

4.  John had his breakfast.  John went to school.

5.  Tim fell off his bike.  He did not hurt himself.

6.  Tom put on his coat.  He went out to play.

7.  Megan picked up the kettle.  She filled it with water.

8.  Jill looked for her book.  She could not find it.