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Welcome to the P4 Home Learning Page!

Mrs Freeburn, Mrs Graham, Mrs Hoy and Miss Patterson are really going to miss seeing those wee faces!

We will be updating this page weekly until we see you all again.

While we get planning, remember to check out your Bug Club account and keep working on those 4 times tables! Sneaky hint - remember that you can double and double again!







Week 1 (23rd Mar - 27th Mar)


Phonics  ch sound

child    hatch   lunch   cheek   torch   kitchen    fetch   sketch   chicken   catch


Sort your word list into words with ch  and words with tch .

Can you think of any other words with ch ?

Try to use these words in a sentence.



Revise 2 x and 4 x tables / counting in 2s and 4s forwards and backwards.

Challenge work eg. (2 x 9) + 4 =

                                 (4 x 7) - 3 =

Look on Education City for games we have allocated using 4 x tables.

You will also find Table Mountain in Primary Games. (Interactive Resources site)


Language of the Compass - North East South West               

North is above South, East towards the right, West towards the left. Try to draw a Compass on a page, or maybe even a paper plate!

We can remember the order of the points around the compass using this funny phrase...

Naughty Elephants Squirt Water smiley

Try to thinks of other funny phrases that start with N  E  S  W .



Past tense Verbs - Verbs are words that show actions. Play Act It Out to guess the verb.

Things that have already happened are in the past.

We can make some words in the past tense by adding ed

eg. I walk to school.      Yesterday I walked to school.


We can do this with   jump   talk   watch   pick   wash   knock  

Try to write each verb using the past tense.  Now try to use each in a sentence.


World Around Us

Our new topic is Australia.

What words do you already know associated with Australia? (Write/Draw)

What would you like to find out about Australia? (List)


Other Activities

Remember to log on to Bug Club. Lots of new books will be waiting in your library. Try to read at least 2 books per week. Remember to complete the Bug Activities.


Why not try a PE lesson with The Body Coach on Youtube! He will be releasing a new PE lesson each day Monday to Friday. blush






Spring Comprehension for Week 1 (3 Levels)

Mental Maths Challenges Week 1

Week 2 (30th Mar - 3rd Apr)

We hope that you have been enjoying your tasks so far. Keep up the great work! Remember, you can email your teacher some pictures of tasks and let us know how you are getting on.


Remember, keep reading your Bug Club books and completing the Bug Tasks.