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We are looking at posters in our WW2 topic.  You could also design a Sports Day poster advertising our Sports Day next week.  You could include some of Mr Coetzee's activities.


Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives


A noun is the name of a person place or thing.

A verb is a doing or action word.

An adjective is a describing word.


Write out each sentence and circle ...

All the nouns in red.

All the verbs in blue.

All the adjectives in green.


1.  The fat fish swam around the tiny bowl.

2.  Susan had red and blue jumpers in her wardrobe.

3.  Yellow and pink flowers grow in my pretty garden.

4.  My uncle visited Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

5.  The class travelled to Bangor with their teacher.

6.  My puppy ate my grey slippers and chewed my shoes.