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Adjectives Scavenger Hunt!


Have a look around your house or garden to see if you can find any objects that these adjectives describe.


smooth    spiky    round    fluffy     cold    pretty


hard    fragile    warm    rough    slippery    valuable


You might want to draw and label the items you have found.  Don't forget to include the adjective!


Odd One Out


Write out these lists and use a colour to circle the odd one out in each line.  Can you explain your answer?


1.  cat    dog    goldfish    zebra    hamster

2.  peach    pear    potato    plum    pineapple

3.  sofa    table    chair    stool    couch

4.  trainers    socks    sandals    gloves    shoes

5.  run    jump    walk    hike    swim

6.  magpie    penguin    cuckoo    robin    blackbird