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Comic Strips


Do you think you could design your own comic strip?

It could be about heroes and villains, your favourite animals or even about you and your friends. 

Try to include speech bubbles and lots of exclamation marks!

Decide who your audience is.  Is it for a younger child to read or someone your own age?

You can use the template below or design your own.


Speech Marks


We use speech marks to show when someone is speaking.  

E.g.  "It will cost a lot to fix the hall," said the teacher.

        "Let's put on a play," said Jay.

Write out these sentences and put in the missing speech marks.

Remember to keep the punctuation marks inside the speech marks too.


1.  How much money can you offer? asked Pete.

2.  I want a pet that will do magic tricks, she said.

3.  Let me see the dragon! he demanded.

4.  What do you need it for? asked Pete.

5.  There will be no spells using any of my pets! Pete shouted.

6.  Please speak up young lady, said the witch.