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Look at the suitcase and its contents and think about the following questions:

How old do you think the suitcase is?

Who do you think the suitcase belongs to?

What do you know about the contents of the case?

Why would the owner of the case need those items?

What else might the owner want to pack in the case?





You may have guessed... today we are looking at the topic of evacuation.

Mrs Betty Campbell was only 5 years old at the start of WW2.

In the video clip below, she is interviewed by a family friend about her experiences as an evacuee. 


STEP 1: Just listen to the story! How does it make you feel? Did you learn anything new? 


STEP 2: Choose mild, medium or spicy from the tasks below. Your job is to listen to the story again, and fill in any of the missing words. This challenge will test both your listening and spelling skills!


An Evacuee's Adventure

Betty lived in Cardiff during the war and was evacuated to Aberdare. With her family friend, Anesha, she retraces the journey and describes what being an evacuee was like ...



Anesha was only 11 years old when she interviewed Mrs Campbell! Some of you are that age now! 


If you could interview someone who was evacuated during the war, what would you ask them and why? 


Write a list of 5 questions - we will share the best ones on our home learning page!