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 smiley Hello P7 pupils and families! Scroll down this page to see all of your Home Learning information and attached activities!! smiley 

*31/3/20 - Problem Solving Numeracy + World Around Us added!*

Well Hello There P7!! :)


We hope Week 1 of Home Learning has treated you and your families well. Remember, this isn't the same as school! You have other important things to enjoy at home, like time with your families, fresh air outside where possible, and hopefully a lot of helping out with housework, cooking and more! :)


The most important thing for you all during this strange time, is your happiness and well-being. Some days you will achieve more home-learning than others. It depends on what else is going on and how you all feel on that given day. There will be highs and lows, and that's normal!


We'll let you into a secret...Mrs Smart's twins started Monday and Tuesday full of smiles and enthusiam..., by Wednesday the novelty was significantly wearing off, and by Friday.... well, they managed 5 minutes of Joe Wicks before flopping onto the couch in two heaps, complaining that they'd had enough of home schooling now!! (5 minutes of PE counts though, doesn't it?! Please tell Mrs Smart that it does!! :)


We are all doing the best that we can do, when we can, and we must be proud of ourselves for that. Some day's achievements will be greater than others, but if we can try to maintain our reading and our mental maths skills as a starting point, we'll be helping ourselves to keep skills and facts learnt fresh in our minds. 


Read theory is great as you complete and initial assessment and it pitches the texts it gives you from there. The more you understand and answer correctly over time, the more challenging the texts will become, so this is great for an programme that's individual to you! Bug Club books are allocated to your reading group, so you should enjoy those too - both fact and fiction!


Numeracy Ninja is great for daily practice in mental maths, and you can see yourself progress, the more you practise. 


Remember, just like sports, or learning an instrument, reading and maths skills develop and strengthen the more we practise!


We are all super-duper proud of each and every one of you and hope you are all doing well.


If you haven't already, draw or paint a bright and colourful rainbow for your window this week, to remind ourselves and anyone who passes your house, that we care about each other, and that we are in this together! :)


Have a great second week boys and girls and know that we are always here for you, and that we miss your cheery, smiling faces and senses of humour! 


With much love and support to you and your families, from us all in P7!



Numeracy Ninja is a great 5 minute challenge that will help keep your maths skills sharp while you are learning from home! All P7s have used it in school, so you should know how it works by now smiley I have uploaded the PowerPoint below and you can download the skills booklets using this link: 

Choose how many sessions you would like to complete per week: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5... it's up to you! 

Do you think you could get a black belt? 

Good luck! smiley


The World Around Us - P7 topic work!
Our world seems so small at the moment with limited movement allowed, so during the month of April why not start AT HOME - quite literally - as we'll be home learning about NORTHERN IRELAND! What do you know already? What would you like to know? We'll be adding a load of powerpoints, documents and website links to stimulate all the factual brains out there in P7! There'll be plenty to read, some written work if you have a printer, some quizzes to take with a family member...we know it's not the same as school where our class discussions, paired or group work and interactive tasks would bring a topic to life...just do what you can, when you can! Enjoying learning about OUR WEE COUNTRY! *E-mail any photos or completed work - we'd love to see what you're up to!*

Extra online 'classes' and websites for home learning!

Extra online 'classes' and websites for home learning! 1 Social media 'classes' with celebrities
Extra online 'classes' and websites for home learning! 2 UK websites for home learning
Extra online 'classes' and websites for home learning! 3 USA websites for home learning
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Previous week's learning activities and letters from your teachers: 

Hi Boys and Girls,


Welcome to your home learning page for P7.


We will update this page with suggested activities that you can work on from home, during this time.


The main priority for you is to be safe and happy! Keep your body and mind active, so that you can stay as healthy as possible, in every way :)


Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, will be streaming a PE lesson each morning at 9am, starting on Monday on his YouTube channel, so we think this would be a great way to kick-start your day!


During this time, we suggest that you keep up to speed with literacy and maths skills by selecting activities from the choices we will add! Revision and consolidation of skills learnt previously is the key!


If you can achieve one literacy task, and one maths task each day, this will help you to keep those skills you have already learnt fresh in your mind, and ready to use whenever you need them!


Enjoy a good book, play games online, write, draw and get outside for fresh air if and when it is possible to do so :)


Real life opportunities for maths could include measuring ingredients if you are baking. By following a step-by-step recipe, you are reading a procedural text - which is a fun, practical, real-life use of your skills in literacy.


You may want to keep a diary, to record your thoughts and feeling during this unusual time. Remember, it is ok to feel a lot of different emotions about what we are experiencing. It is always good to talk those through with someone at home, and if you would like, read the social story attached to this page.


Remember, this is a short term measure to keep us safe and well, until we can come together again, and celebrate all the wonderful things around us, and people in our lives, in person. Meantime, we can still do that from a distance. You may use this time to write to people, such as members of your family, or friends that you can't see in person right now.


Let's look for all of the positives that we can, and know how much we all appreciate each other and the world around us.


You are all amazing, we are so proud of you all, and we WILL celebrate your P7 year as soon as we can be back together again.


In the meantime, watch this space for suggested activities that you can engage in when at home.


Let's make our main focus to be that we look after each other, help out around the house where we can, show each other support, and keep smiling! :)


We look forward to seeing your smiling, happy faces very soon, and boy will we celebrate together then!!


With much love, from all of your teachers and assistants in P7