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What do you want to be when you grow up p7?



At the moment, it might feel hard to make future plans, but it's important we all remember that there are more exciting times on the horizon! You all have bright futures ahead of you, and we would love to hear about some of your hopes and dreams for those futures.


Maybe you want to be a writer, a pilot, an astronaut, a teacher, a window cleaner.... the possibilities are endless!
Or maybe you're not sure yet, you're only 10 / 11 after all! 
Watch the video below for some hilarious inspiration... 


Before you start writing, read the examples below. Can you guess from the pictures what these children hope to be in the future? 


Examples begin with the mildest --> spiciest

Thinking Time


What do all of the examples above have in common? Can you think of any key features of future tense writing?


See how many of the ideas below you thought of!


Over to you writers! Using all of the knowledge you have acquired, write a short piece about where you hope to be in 20 years time. 


Your teachers would LOVE to hear about these!