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Day 2 of your Well-being Challenge


Well done for completing your two activities yesterday. Hopefully these gave you an opportunity to reflect on your feelings.


Here are the final two activities we would like you to have a go at today.


If you need to refresh your brain a bit, have another look at the 'Top Tips for Looking After your Wellbeing'.


Activity Three: 'Good Deeds'

In this activity we would like you to first of all choose someone at home, who you would like to carry out this good deed for.


Incase you don't know, a good deed is a small task or gesture you can carry out to make someone else feel appreciated or to make their lives a little easier. 


For example you might want to do some dishes, make your bed or put away laundry- these would probably be a task for someone else in your house most of the time.


Write your good deed on a separate page or in the box provided if you are working from the PDF version. You should also record how this good deed made you feel.



Activity Four: 'Kindness' 

Your last activity requires you to think about the small acts of kindness that you see everyday, but might not think too much about. 


Take some time to have a think about some kindness that you have witnessed in your everyday life.


This might be an act of kindness you have seen at school. For example, a friend offering to help you with a piece of work.


It could also be an act of kindness at home. For example, a brother or sister offering you a share of their chocolate. 




It could be an act of kindness you've seen in public. For example someone offering help to an elderly woman in the supermarket when she is carrying heavy shopping bags.


There are 5 spaces to record some acts of kindness you have noticed. Try to include lots of detail and don't forget to reflect on how this kindness made you feel.