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Warm up!


Get your brains in gear with this morning's BOGGLE!

How many words can you find using the 9 letters below?

Can you find the 9 letter word that link's with today's learning?

No peeking!


Did you get it?  

This week is Mental Health Week, and we are focusing on our emotions. 

Your boggle word was....



Your first task is to think of as many different adjectives for the words below - all of them relate to our feelings and emotions. The first one has been done for you! 

Now try these!



How many of you have seen the movie INSIDE OUT?!



In today's worksheet, your job is to select the correct adjective, expression or character to fill in the gaps.


You can download the worksheet below and work from the screen on a piece of paper, or print it - up to you!


When you have finished, head over to the 'Something a little bit Different' folder for more INSIDE OUT inspired activities!


Have a great day p7!