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Battle of Britain Reading Activity


The Battle of Britain was another very significant event which took place during the Second World War.


The Battle took place in July 1940. It can be described as the attempt by the Germans to destroy Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF), in order for them to invade Britain by sea.


Click on the link below and watch the short clip about the Battle of Britain. This will give you lots more information on this event, which will be helpful when you are answering the questions.

Your Task...


Now that you have a better understanding of this event, it is time to answer some questions.


Below you will find a document called 'Battle of Britain Fact Sheet'. This is the main text. The PDF titled 'Battle of Britain Reading Activity' is where you will find the questions.


The fact sheet will give you even more information and will help you to answer your questions.


As always, make sure you read all of the information carefully before you attempt the questions.


The document is split down into lots of sub headings (these are in bold). The first one is called 'What was the Battle of Britain'.


Refer back to these sub headings as you are answering the questions. They will help you to pinpoint where to find your answers.


Don't forget to read the information in the boxes at the sides- you may find some answers here as well! Look carefully at the illustrations too.