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Is Britain winning the Second World War?

Source work


Today in literacy you will be carrying out some work with something called 'sources'.

This is a method of learning that you probably haven't come across before.


It involves reading a variety of 'sources', in this case to do with World War Two, and expressing your thoughts and opinions about what you have read.

Sources can be thought of as types of evidence and would include newspaper articles, photographs, letters, artefacts (objects) from this period of history and diary entries.


When forming your opinions on these sources, it is very important, not only to read what is written, but also to take note of who the writer is.


Your Task...

- Read each article carefully and examine the photographs.


- From what you have read or seen, decide whether this article shows that things are going well or badly for Britain (in other words, is Britain winning or losing the war?).


- On your recording sheet, decide which sources show that Britain is winning or losing the War, and give reasons for your decisions.








Thursday 25th February- Literacy: Sources