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Before you begin today's numeracy - head to this link to take part in our p7 survey - 'Where do you read'. We will be using the results in our numeracy work tomorrow!


Instructions for today’s numeracy work

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Maths and reading


What could maths have to do with reading?

Perhaps you don’t notice how much maths there is in a book. Think about page numbers or how many chapters there are… maths is everywhere!


For today’s mathematical/book related lesson you need to choose an appropriately challenging book.  

If you usually opt for mild numeracy work – choose a shorter book so you don’t have to worry about too many big, tricky numbers!  

If you do medium/spicy – choose a book with lots of pages to challenge yourselves!


Using your book, how many of the questions can you answer?!

 Use the stopwatch to record how long it takes you to answer as many questions as possible!


Ready, Steady, GO!

  1. How many pages are in your book?
  2. What’s the fourth word on the sixth page?
  3. What’s the last word in your book?
  4. What’s the first word in your book?
  5. How many chapters are in your book?
  6. What’s ten more than the number of pages in your book?
  7. How many words are there in the first sentence of your book?
  8. How many page numbers in your book are square numbers?
  9. How many numbers written in words can you find in your book in 2 minutes?
  10. Quadruple the number of pages in your book.
  11. How many times does the word ‘and’ appear on the 5th page of your book?
  12. What year was your book published?
  13. How many years before / after you were born was the book published?
  14. What’s 72 more than the number of pages in your book?
  15. What’s three less than the number of words on the first page?
  16. Open your book at a random page, jot the page number down. Do this again. Multiply the two numbers together!
  17. What page number is exactly half way in your book?
  18. How many page numbers in your book are palindromes*? (*look it up if you don’t remember this word!)
  19. Flick through your book and jot down the page number each chapter starts on. Add these together!


  1. Estimate how many words there are in the whole book? (number of words on a line x number of lines on a page x pages in your book


Reasoning challenge