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What do you think our literacy topic is this week?

Listen to the song below to find out!

You've guessed it P7! This week we are looking at... 



Speech marks are also sometimes called Quotation Marks or Inverted Commas.

They are used to used to show the words actually spoken by a person or character.

There are certain rules that we apply when using speech marks... 

Today we will look at the simplest way together 



To use speech marks correctly, all you have to do is follow this simple pattern!


Speaker + verb + comma + opening speech mark+ capital letter + full stop + closing speech mark


Look at the examples of direct speech below. See how they all follow the pattern above? 

Can you guess which teacher said what and fill in the gaps!?



_________said, "The photocopying room is my own little sanctuary." 


________shouted, "Liverpool till I die!" 


_________ joked, "I'm practically a famous YouTuber these days." 


_________called out to Molly and Lola, "Come and get your dinner girls!"


__________ said "Miss Duggan is my best friend at Brooklands." 


__________ replied, "Oh Miss Lyon, you're too kind!"

Great work P7!


Now, using your new knowledge of speech marks, complete one of the worksheets below.

These can be done in a notebook, or printed off and completed on the page.