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Gratitude means what you're thankful for or grateful for. Tomorrow we will be writing a thank you letter to someone.

Today we will be planning that letter and reading an example of a thank you letter.


Today's To-Do List

1. Think of things or people you have to be thankful for in the last few months? Who could you thank?

    Your parents, sibling, grandparents, NHS workers, a neighbour who has helped you out, a friend who has cheered you up, a teacher? The choice is yours :) 

2. Do you need their address? Ask an adult to help you find this.

3. Read the example letter, notice how it is set out.

   How does the letter begin? How does the letter end? How have they organised their paragraphs? Which tense is it written in?

4. Note down 2 or 3 things you would like to thank them for in particular.