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Mindfulness / Well-being

Have a go at making your own Glitter Jar.

Read the instructions and make sure you answer the questions at the end once your jar is complete.


If you don't have the materials to hand today you can always give this activity a go later in the week :) 


Remember to scroll down to fill out your daily gratitude journal and have a go at today's meditation. 

The Making Of A Mindfulness Jar

I had to make a new mindfulness/calming jar for work so I thought I'd show you how to do it in case it's useful!

Instructions and list of equipment

Gratitude Journal and Meditation 


Take a few minutes to fill out your gratitude journal. Try to think of new reasons to be thankful instead of writing the same things each day :) 


Have a go at our guided meditation (even if you feel a bit silly doing it). 

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids - 5 Minutes Easy Guided Meditation for Children

Enjoy this easy mindfulness meditation for kids in just 5 minutes, to help children learn how to relax, focus on their breathing, become aware of body sensat...