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Monday 18th January

Good Morning everyone! It's a new week, we hope you are all well and ready to do some more learning.  Remember, just do your best!



Literacy for Monday

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Try writing the sentence; Dad and Kipper.


Whoever is at home with you should write it onto a page for you or print out the page in the link below for you to copy over just like Mrs Williamson showed you in the video. Then you could even try to draw a picture of Dad and Kipper too. 



Dad and Kipper worksheet




Watch Mrs Gavero's video reading the book called Fun at the beach

Can you read any of the words too? 



Fun at the beach

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High Frequency Words


Revise the words we have looked at already, play some of the games in the document below with an adult in your house.



   and      to       the       no      go     I  


   Biff    Chip    Kipper    Floppy    Mum     Dad   


Watch Mrs Gavero's video.  Can you guess the number?

Guess the number

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Who lives behind your front door? Talk about who lives in your house with you? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Who are the adults in your house? Do you have any pets? 


Maybe you would like to draw a picture of everyone together in your house and send it to your teacher so we can see too.

There is a link you can click below to print a page to draw on if you like but a piece of paper does the same job!