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Monday 8th February


Mrs Williamson explains your work

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Try writing the sentence; A boat is in the water.


Whoever is at home with you should write it onto a page for you or print out the page in the link below for you to copy over just like Mrs Williamson showed you in the video. Then you could even try to draw a picture of a boat in some water too. 




Fancy Dress

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Watch Mrs Gavero's video reading the book called Fancy Dress

Can you read any of the words too?

High Frequency Words

Can you join in with Mrs Williamson and practice reading your words?

Part 1

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Part 2

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This week we are learning to read the word he so you could make a card for it and add it into your words to practice too.


These are the words we have learnt so far:



   and      to       the       no      go      I     into    me    be


   Biff    Chip    Kipper    Floppy    Mum     Dad

High Frequency Word games file


Mrs McNirlan is going to explain your number work for today.  

Sorting Activity

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Can you place the vehicles in the correct set? Do they have wheels or no wheels?


Click on the link below and either print out the pages and cut and stick them into the correct set or you could look at the screen and tell an adult which set they would belong in. Maybe you could even make your own sets of wheels/no wheels using vehicles you have at home?






World Around Us

Our topic is still Transport.  Watch this video by clicking the link with Maddie, what can you find out that you did not know before?