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Building Up the 3 Times Tables


On a page make 3 rings. Put 1 dot in each set. How many altogether?

                             Put 2 dots in each set. How many altogether?

                             Put 3 dots in each set. How many altogether?


Continue this, until you have 12 dots in each set. Remember to be organised!

Can you begin to record your findings? Continue up to 3x12=


3 sets of 1 makes ____      or     3x1=

3 sets of 2 makes ____      or     3x2=

3 sets of 3 makes ____      or     3x3=



Counting in 3s

Use the 100 array (or even make your own 100 grid).

Colour the numbers showing Counting in 3s.

Practise counting forwards and backwards. Try counting with a partner or group using our Count Around Game from class.

You can use Splat Squares to count in 3s on a 100 array in Teaching Tables on Primary Games (Interactive Resources). You can also use the Table Mountain game on this website.


If you can count in 3s, you have all of your answers for the 3 times tables! smileysmileysmiley

Go Shopping!

Set up a shop using items from your home.

Give each item a different price tag. ( Mild - items priced up to 10p each )

                                           ( Medium - items priced up to 20p each )

                                           ( Spicy - items priced up to 50p each )


Now go shopping! Choose 2 different items. What is your total cost?

                    Choose 3 different items. What is your total cost?

Get someone to make a shopping list for your shop. Can you total the bill for them?



Mrs Graham's Shop has Mild prices.smiley


Apples cost 2p each.    Bananas cost 4p each.    Grapes cost 6p each.     Kiwi cost 5p each.


Mrs Freeburn's Shop has Medium prices.smiley


Apples cost 5p each.    Bananas cost 10p each.    Grapes cost 12p each.    Kiwi cost 15p each.


Mr Armstrong's Shop has Spicy prices.smiley


Apples cost 11p each.     Bananas cost 16p each.    Grapes cost 21p each.   Kiwi cost 34p each.


Find the price of 3 apples in each shop.     (eg. 2p+2p+2p=    5p+5p+5p=    11p+11p+11p=   )

Find the price of 3 bananas in each shop.

Find the price of 3 bunches of grapes in each shop.

Find the price of 3 kiwi fruit in each shop.


​​​​​​​Challenge yourself to other Shopping tasks using your shop! smiley​​​​​​​



Have a go at showing the coins for each amount!