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3 Times Tables Word Problems

Solve each set of word problems by drawing a picture and creating a sum. How many altogether? Choose Mild or Spicy.

eg. 3 pots of 6 pens   3 x 6 = ?

    3 pots of 6 pens and 4 more on the table  (3 x 6 ) + 4 = ?



3 pots of 6 pens      3cakes with 8 candles     3 cats with 4 legs


3 trees with 2 birds    3 flowers with 7 petals  3 pans with 10 eggs



3 pots of 6 pens and 4 more on the table  

3 cakes with 8 candles and 2 are blown out

3 trees with 9 birds and 6 fly away

3 pans with 5 sausages and 4 more on a plate

3 trays of 11 buns and 7 are eaten

3 cats, 3 dogs, 3 children and 3 snakes... How many legs altogether?


enlightened You can help your speed and accuracy with these using Table

    Mountain on Primary Games in the Interactive Resources website.

Money Work

Set up your shop again using items from around the house. Remember you can use Mild, Medium or Spicy prices.

This week we are finding the change. 

Use your shop to find the change from

Mild - 20p      Medium - 50p      Spicy - £1


Show your thinking on a page.

If an apple costs 6p        or 23p                  or 59p

20p - 6p = 14p              50p - 23p = 27p      100p - 59p = 41p


enlightened There are lots of Money games to play, including Finding the

    Change, in Teaching Money on Primary Games on the Interactive

    Resources website.


Have a go at the Money Word Problems pages and Checking Your Change from £1.

Directions and Positions

Remember our key language for directions

Forwards                   Full turn

Backwards                 Half turn

Straight ahead            Quarter turn

Right                       Clockwise                  

Left                        Anti-clockwise


You can use the Powerpoint as a reminder of these key words. smiley


Find a place where you have lots of space to move. Get someone to give you instructions to follow.

eg. 4 steps forwards, half turn clockwise, 3 steps backwards, quarter turn anti-clockwise.


Write some instructions for someone else to follow. You could choose a starting point, like your kitchen and write instructions showing how to get to your living room. Did the other person reach where you wanted them to go?