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We already know that

-when a shape is split into 2 equal parts they are called halves

-when a shape is split into 4 equal parts they are called quarters


This week we are going to investigate splitting a shape into eighths, or 8 equal parts.


* Fold an A4 page (or any rectangle/square page) in half, then in

  half again, then in half again.


* When you open out the page, there should be 8 equal parts.

  Each part is called 1/8  or one eighth. Colour each eighth a 

  different colour.


* 2 parts would be called 2/8 or 2 eighths

  3 parts would be called 3/8 or 3 eighths

  Can you name 4 parts, 5 parts, 6 parts, 7 parts, 8 parts?

  Do you know what 4/8 would be the same as?


* Challenge - Make another rectangular flag.

  Colour 2/8 green   2/8 blue and 4/8 yellow

  Try another one that is 1/8 red 3/8 yellow 3/8 green 1/8 purple


* Test your skills at flag making using the Fraction Flags game on

  Primary Games on the Interactive Resources website.



Fraction Pizzas

Design a pizza on a paper plate or using a circle on a page.

Split your pizza into 8 equal parts. (Draw a line down the middle, then across the middle, then draw 2 diagonal lines.)

My favourite would be 1/2 pepperoni   1/4 ham   1/8 chicken and

1/8 peppers. cheekyyes

What will your pizza toppings be?

Describe them using fractions language.


Addition of Hundreds Tens and Units

We have been learning how to add numbers 

* horizontally 463+235=

                 400+60+3+200+30+5=      using partitioning


* vertically   H T U

                4 6 3

             +  2 3 5      Making sure to line up the columns

                             of hundreds, tens and units.


Try adding these sets of numbers together using vertical addition.


1. 257 add on 322

2. 146 add on 243

3. 831 plus 142

4. 620 plus 107

5. 218 add on 620

6. 345 plus 313


You can add speed and accuracy to your addition of larger numbers by practising your number bonds. 

Have a go at the Top Spot Game on Primary Games on the Interactive Resources website.

Have a go at some of the worksheets to help speed and accuracy.