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Vertical Addition with HTU

Last week we had a go with adding some larger numbers.

We will continue this week, but use some new skills. We have used these exchanging skills with TU sums, so we just use them in the same way with HTU.


Remember   1. Organise your sum and set out carefully.

               2. Start by adding the units first.

               3. Use the "Vertical Addition Key Learning" document

                  to guide you.


There will be 3 levels for you to choose

Mild - Practising sums with no exchanging

Medium - Practising exchanging units for tens, then practising 

            exchanging tens for hundreds.

Spicy - Practising some mixed exchanging sums.

Clocks and Times

Use the link to make a teaching clock.

If you don't have  split pins, just glue in centre and leave the hands free to move and set on top.


Have a go at times using 5 past, 10 past, 20 past and 25 past the hour. 


Remember - Start from the o'clock that you know.

             - When trying to show 5 past 4, remember this means

               5 minutes since 4 o'clock. Put the hands to 4 o'clock,

​​​​​​​               then move on the longer hand by 5 minutes.

             - Practise counting in 5s around the clock.



Start thinking about where the hands should be when they are moving towards the next hour. 


25 to, 20 to, 10 to and 5 to

Turns and Directions

Use the challenge pages to practise your directional and positional language. 



Distance and Length

We had been learning about Amy Johnson and her solo flight to Australia. Amy left Croydon Airport on 5th May 1930, 90 years ago this week! She landed in Darwin on 24th May 1930. Her plane was called Jason. 


Your challenge is to make a paper plane.

See how far you can throw it.

If you have measuring tapes, try measuring in centimetres or metres.

If you do not have any measuring tapes, try using feet or hands to measure the distance each time.


Let us know how far you reach!blush