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Finding the Volume of a Cuboid


A few reminders. Volume refers to the amount of space a 3-D (solid) shape takes up.

The units of measurement are CUBES.

The volume can be measured in different ways:

simply count how many cubes there are


see how many layers of cubes there are and count the number of cubes in each layer


find the length, breadth and height of the cuboid and use the rule L x B x H

If the length , breadth and height are given in centimetres (cm), then the volume is expressed in

cubic centimetres (cm3)


Watch the short video clip below


Volume of Cuboids

Still image for this video

Measuring Liquid Volume (Capacity)


The amount of liquid in a bottle, jar or other container can be measured in litres, millilitres, pints, gallons etc


One Litre (l) is equal to 1000 Millilitres (ml)


In this activity, you are asked to calculate the amount of liquid in each measuring jug.


Watch the video clip below. It will help you to read the scales accurately

Numeracy: Measuring Liquid Volume (Capacity)

Listen carefully as Mr D demonstrates how to measure a variety of liquid amounts in millitres. Then try your best to complete the tasks below this video.