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Maths is EVERYWHERE! Sometimes we just don't realise.

Can you think of occasions you might use maths in your daily life? 


Some examples we came up with were...

When baking a cake.

When painting a wall. 

Turning corners in your house! 


Maths really is all around us!



Watch the cheesy video below for more ways we use Maths around the house...

Math is Everywhere

Mental Health Week reminds us all about the importance of getting up off our feet! It can be very easy to lounge on the sofa all day, but that's not healthy and today's maths will help with that! 


Choose one of the mathematical scavenger hunts below. Your job is to navigate your house and locate all the different mathematical items. 


Be imaginative! You can find numbers on the microwave, on remote controls, in books... 

Shapes and patterns are all around you! 

Think about right angled corners, or corridors with parallel lines - the possibilities are endless! 


Now get hunting! 


We hope you enjoy p7!