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Today's numeracy activity is...

Some of you will already be familiar with this game, but don't worry if you're not! Watch the video below to find out a little bit more... 

Prodigy - The most engaging math platform in the world


You will find a list of your login details below. When you have found your login details head to


You might find this game a little tricky at first, but don't worry! Prodigy is very clever... the first time you ever play, it will ask you lots of fun maths questions to try and figure out if you like mild / medium or spicy work best!

If you find it really difficult to begin with, it will get easier!

If you find it super easy, the questions will get harder!


The best thing is - your teacher gets to see how you're doing, so we can help!


Good luck Prodigy monsters! We think you'll really enjoy this task