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Data Handling: Bar Charts


I'm sure as P7's you are all very familiar with bar charts and how we can use these.

Here are a few reminders, for you to refresh your brain on this topic:


  • A bar chart displays information (also called data) by using rectangular bars. These bars will be of different heights.


  • A bar chart has a vertical axis (going up long ways) with numbers on it.


  • These numbers can be displayed in a range of different ways. For example they may move up one number at a time- 0, 1, 2, 3 and so on... OR 


  • The numbers may move up with only some numbers displayed. For example 0, 2, 4, 6 and so on... or 0, 5, 10 ,15 and so on... In this case you will need to work out the value that each square represents, as some numbers may not be marked on the chart.


  • A bar chart also has a horizontal axis (going from left to right), showing values of something that has been investigated. 


  • Some bar charts may use something called class intervals. A class interval is normally used if the horizontal axis is showing values in a number format. 

For example:

A horizontal axis may show various different measurements. A class interval means a range of these measurements will be grouped together and represented by one bar within the chart. One of these class intervals could be 18cm to 20cm. This means that it includes sizes 18cm, 19cm and 20cm.


Look at the image below, showing the different types of bar charts you may come across.






Your task...


First of all

We would like everyone to start off with the Mild/Medium level of this task. Here, you will have to use the graph to answer some questions about the protective clothing children must wear when cleaning up rubbish around their school.


Make sure you read the question carefully before answering. 

Unfortunately you cannot complete question 2 of this level, as we would need to be in school.



There are a total of 7 questions on the spicy level task. We would ask that you try and complete at least a few of the questions on this level.


For some of these questions you will need squared paper to work on. There is some printable graph templates below which you could work from.