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Scale Drawing


You have covered this topic in school already, so, hopefully, you will not find today's tasks too difficult.


What is a scale drawing?

Whenever you draw a picture, for example, a tree or an animal, it is usually a much smaller version of the real thing. You could call this a scale drawing.


When an architect draws up plans for a new building, his drawings will be much smaller than the actual building.


For example:






→Look carefully at the scale drawing above.


The scale is 1cm to 3m


This means that every centimetre of your drawing represents 3m of the real house.


The length of the drawing is shown as 4cm.


1cm → 3m

4cm → 12m

You can see that both numbers, 1cm and 3m, have been multiplied by 4.


Take a look at the video clips below. This will show you how to set out your working and complete the task.


There is also a PowerPoint attached in case you need any further explanation.






Mild/Medium Scale Drawing

Medium/Spicy Scale Drawing