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You should be starting off where you left off from yesterday. If you need to need to access any of the worksheets from yesterday click on the link below.

The Easter Shop


In this task you are going to buy Easter gifts for a family of 4 - Mum, Dad and 2 children.


You will be given a BUDGET

of £100 (medium/spicy) 

or £60 (mild)


You may spend up to £100 or £60,

but you cannot spend more than £100

or £60


The Easter Shop sells things like chocolate eggs, Easter gift cards, flowers and DVDs telling the story of Jesus.


You will be given a list of prices and, using this price list, you will be choosing gifts for everyone in the family.


You must show us which gifts you have chosen for each person and how much they have cost.


You must also provide a TOTAL for each person and a GRAND TOTAL for the whole family.


We have given you two RECORDING SHEETS.

The first one shows you how you should set out your work.

Use the second one to record which gifts you have bought and how much you paid.