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3D Shapes


This week we are learning all about 3D Shapes and their properties.

3D Shapes Top Tips

Still image for this video

Marshmallow Challenge!

Still image for this video
Have a go at making some shapes. Send us your pictures to put on the P4 Home Learning page.

Can you name each 3D shape in the slideshow?

How many faces, edges and vertices for each shape?

You can tell someone your answers or you could record them on a table.

The next set of pictures shows 2 or 3 shapes together.

Look at each picture and calculate.

How many sides altogether?

How many edges altogether?

How many corners/vertices altogether?

Here are some extra information posters and PowerPoints to help.

There are some extra activities if you would like to do more.


*Why not have a 3D Shape Hunt around your home. Make a table showing all the objects you find that are cubes, cones, spheres, etc.


* There are some Colour by Shapes activities and naming shapes activities.